Tips For Making The Most Of Your Old Clothing

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Old Clothing

Shopping for new clothing can be really fun. Making sure that you got trendy and fashionable clothing is a good way of boosting your self-confidence and will make you feel better. But renewing your wardrobe with new clothing will always leave you with items that aren’t of use anymore.

It is import...

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Topping Your Attire With Fashion Jewelry

Photo: h20tubig / Flickr

Women and jewellery and are two inseparable words. Nothing can cheer up a woman’s spirits but a piece of fashion jewellery, and any woman cannot resist to the charm of jewelleries. The feeling of looking gracious and good is priceless...

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Seductive Lingerie á la Victoria’s Secret

Photo: Nakayama Akai / Flickr

Every year, women wait for Victoria’s Fashion show which usually happens in December. The reason for this is that Victoria’s Secret Fashion show showcases their most beautiful and latest lingerie worn by their most favorite supermodels. There is nothing better than showing off those long-legged girls with matching beautiful faces and winning designs.


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Fashion Shopping Online

Photo: Fosforix / Flickr

Fashion shopping through the internet is not new to Filipinos because online shopping has gained popularity all over the world. Filipinos are aware that almost all designers and fashion devotees are putting up website as a way of promotion, and that retailers and wholesalers are offering their clients a lot of choices on this platform.

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Unique Attributes Of Asian Fashion

Photo: coolinsights / Flickr

Fashion is one aspect that evolves drastically with the changing times. Each and every trend of fashion manifests itself in a unique and magnificent way. Every style usually comes with its unique features so as to appeal to the target market...

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Fashion picks of 2013 – Part V – Vintage fashion

Photo: chiarashine / Flickr

A lot of people who were into vintage fashion believe that it is a way to distinguish them from the existing fashion trend. Wearing a vintage dress, mainly for women, conveys a sense of uniqueness, ageless, elegance and class. They place vintage accessories to add more vibrancy and sophistication to one’s fashion design. Vintage clothing is limitless; some field vintage fashion sites still designs from different fashion ages. These days even trendy designers form vintage style fashion such as the Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Versace and Dior have created vintage clothing in fashion lines for the past years. Even though they are pricey, the choice will always rely on you and as to how much you are willing to spend with retro clothes.

What ...

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Fashion picks of 2013 – Part IV – Accessories & Handbags

Photo: jacquelinekothbauer / Flickr

When we talk about fashion shows it means gorgeous models walking on the ramp elaborating hairdo, clothes, lighting and the stars. Watch fashion shows and you will see that the clothes have been worked and elaborated with great care and accessories are also carefully selected. At this point, the handbags are cautiously mentioned. There are a lots of accessories used to serve a variety of purposes in the world of fashion, and they are mostly used to balance the outfits. For instance, a hairpin may be used to enhance the style to your color. If you are currently searching for accessories, you can purchase them across-the-board. With this, you can also save more money.

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Fashion picks of 2013 – Part III – Makeup & Fragrance

Photo: Naomi King / Flickr

The saying things change, but memories don’t is true. One memory to look back is through pictures, and looking good is something we cherish in our pictures.

It can be disappointing to see your previous picture wearing beautiful outfits but discouraging make-ups, and instead of uploading this picture to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and many more, you will be more likely to hide those pictures or even untag the photos. It’s not a good experience after all, as we all know that investing into luxurious make ups and other accessories are not necessary in our lives – we know that it’s a want and not a need. When you buy luxurious make-ups, it is important to note the different tips for good photo outcomes.


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Fashion picks of 2013 – Part II – Shoes & Heels

Photo: tranchis / Flickr

Most women will experience a boost in confidence when they wear high heels: often this starts when a little girl tries to wear her mother’s shoes. A man always loves to see a woman walking with their high heels on, and the sound will make them quite mesmerizing. Fashion shoes and high heels have always been popular, so they’re something that women will leave an amusing experience as they put together.

Fashion has...

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Fashion picks of 2013 – Part I – Dresses

Photo: [Da.K] / Flickr

All people love fashion at different angles: for men and women, they are totally different styles. For same gender fashion, it is based on the personal preferences.  However, there are fashion trends that become incredibly popular to most people, so it is important to note that fashion is a cycle.  Fashion designers always recreate and recreate – there are a lot of dresses to wear designed by a wide range of designers both beginners and experienced.

This ...

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