Fashion trends of early 2013

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Fashion changes typically faster than we can actually adapt to it, so it’s a good idea to try and educate oneself a bit beforehand on what’s going to be the next hottest thing. This way you can just jump in to the new styles before anyone else. And for 2013 it’s very nice to know that the said next hottest thing will hit almost a home run, as there is going to be a positive clash of Oriental and Western styles. Another great thing for pinays is that the latest trends do drift towards more feminine designs, meaning that expressing one’s delicateness and strength at the same time will be quite possible.


As always, the full range of styles will be very wide, and thus one should sit down and dedicate some time for themselves to browse through all those trends and styles to find the best personal match. Also experimenting with different styles and designs is a good idea, to help yourself seek out the ways to best stand out from the crowd and express your uniqueness. The upcoming trends go all the way from sexy slim-fit chic to youthful, romantic and flowery garments, while taking a little detour via formal office wear and anything knitted.


One of the most interesting one for us has to be the Oriental fashion styles mentioned earlier. As we all know, Oriental clothing has the reputation of being very attractive for fashionistas all over the globe, and not least because of their luxurious fabrics and designs. The cornerstones of Oriental fashion tend to be full of a bit unusual color choices, seductive cuts without too much of skin being shown and immaculate tailoring.


Gothic style might not be that big in the Philippines, but it’s surely on the raise despite the not-so-fitting climate that doesn’t require that much of warm clothing. Velvet colors and black leather and *the thing* here, combined with slender silhouettes and all the little details. Makeup also plays a big role in gothic clothing, as it’s used to bring out the shape of the face more. However, these styles tend to be more for those looking for a bit “darker” side of themselves.

Another very closely related style is just plain leather clothing; skirts and coats especially. Once again, the need for their ability to keep the body warm is not as much of use, but the way how sexy and stylish they look compensates for that greatly. Also opting for full leather look is very acceptable, and combining different leather types and colors one can easily create a very stunning and chic designs for themselves.


And let’s just conclude this piece with a few words about velvet. Velvet is the best shot for those pinays after a vintage look, yet wanting to keep their femininity as the top priority. All the possible velvet designs you might have seen in the Fall 2012/2013 fashion shows need to extra explanation – they bring us back to the time when women were dressing like real ladies all over the globe. Not to say that I personally long for those exact days, but there’s many fashion statements to be inspired of from that era.


Photo: Christopher Macsurak / Flickr

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