2013 fashion trends

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The year of 2013 is just getting started and we must learn the 2013 fashion trends to stay stylish and up to date with our looks. So, in this article, we are going to talk to some of the major things that are considered as “in” for throughout the year.

As we know, that throughout the previous year, floral prints have been getting more and more popular in the fashion world. People are wearing floral prints on practically every part of the outfit that they can fit in. Their pants are covered with floral prints, their shirts, their blazers, even their pumps are also covered with floral prints. We get why people love it. They look fresh, they look vibrant and they look young. It is no wonder that everyone loves flowers prints and that it is trending in 2012.


But what about the 2013 fashion trends? Well, do not be discouraged, because floral prints are not going anywhere! We are expecting to see more floral printed pants, floral printed bags, floral printed dresses, basically all sorts of floral prints everywhere. The difference that we are probably going to see is that these prints will move to be more and more dynamic as the year goes by. We will start to see designers getting bolder and bolder in expressing these floral prints.

If you think 2012 was already filled with cropped tops and cropped jackets, guess again, because apparently like floral prints, they are not going anywhere either. We will be seeing more and more cropped outwear in all sorts of forms, shapes and sizes. It will be interesting to see designers take cropped outwear to higher levels. However, we will start to see them getting shorter and getting edgier, as this is the direction that many of the designers are going to in this spring of 2013.


What is nice to see about crop outwear is that they can be used for so many different occasions. It is casual and formal at the same time. We can wear it to meetings at work, but it wouldn’t look too much for a lunch out either. It is probably their practicality and the way they can shape our bodies so well that makes it so popular.

Another hip thing that will continue to rise its popularity in 2013 fashion trends are tomboy shorts. Yes, there was a time a while ago when boyfriend shirts were booming like crazy. Everyone wore their boyfriend shirts as tops, super mini dresses and much more. It was like all of a sudden, every girl in town stayed over at their boyfriend’s houses. Well, this year it will be all about shorts and pants. Baggy shorts that looks urban and sort of vintage looking will be back, and this time they are going for an edgy and chic look.


It will be nice to see how designers will incorporate all these trends into their collections for the upcoming seasons. So far, their spring collections have brought us to this direction. Let us see what summer, fall and winter has in store for all fashion lovers around the world!


Photo: gabrielsaldana / Flickr

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